Residential Property Management to Maximize Your Investment

"Creating Partnerships With Owners To Maximize Their Investment"

Summary of Services


  • We have the experience and expertise to review and generate a detailed ‘Scope of work” to insure accurate and competitive bids to repair your investment property.

  • We offer a list of reliable vendors. Licensed, bonded, and insured contractors for any work. We refer their services at NO cost to you or, at your direction, we will use vendors of your choice.

  • We know the importance of the right repair at the right price for your income property.


  • We advertise at no cost to you. We have found fee advertising (Newspaper) unnecessary to rent our properties.

  • We utilize our “For Rent” signs in the communities and the internet together to have enough exposure to find quality tenants.

  • An Account Manager personally escorts potential tenants through your property.

  • We understand the loss from a vacant unit is never recovered.

Tenant Screening

We verify: (All at no cost to you.)

  • Landlord references going back to three years. (If possible.)

  • Employment history for job stability and ability to pay.

  • Personal references information about character traits.

  • Credit checks on their payment patterns, history of delinquency, evictions, etc.

  • Bank accounts, drivers’ license, and social security card to prevent fraud.

  • Criminal Background check.

Rent Collection

  • Due to our extensive screening process, over 97% of our tenants pay on time every month.

  • Payments not received by the due date are charged a late fee.

  • If not paid on time, a ‘3-Day Notice to Pay’ is promptly issued.


  • All funds received are deposited into a non-interest bearing Broker Trust Account.

  • Rent proceeds are forwarded to you within 5 days of receipt at our office.

  • All proceeds due to client are mailed with an attached financial statement detailing any maintenance performed during the month.

  • An all-inclusive year-end account summary is supplied for your tax purposes.


  • All maintenance costs need to be approved by you.

  • We can oversee and handle all maintenance, repairs and landscaping needs of your property.

  • Repair charges are billed to the client’s account.

  • If a necessary repair is due to the tenant’s negligence, the tenant will be charged.

  • Our Account Managers perform inspections of your property as needed. We have 24/7 emergency service available.